TekFit™ Custom Dental Appliances

TekFit™ custom-fitted sports mouthguards, clear retainers, and nightguards provide the three essential elements at the heart of protection: fit, comfort and performance. Whether it’s protecting your teeth during sports, guarding your teeth during sleep or protecting your investment in orthodontics, TekFit™ Appliances are a great solution.

Sports Mouthguards

Defend Your Smile

TekFit™ Sports Mouthguards are an essential piece of gear for virtually every sport. Not only do they protect the teeth from trauma caused by direct impact, but also soft tissue such as lips, tongue and face. Whether it’s a full contact sport that mandates dental protection, or a lower impact sport that recommends it, a TekFit™ Sports Mouthguard is the one piece of gear that athletes should never be without.


Guard Against Grinding

For people who suffer from bruxism, nighttime can be a grind without the proper protection. TekFit™ Nightguards prevent contact with opposing teeth while asleep, helping to relieve the pressure of grinding and clenching. TekFit™ Nightguards provide the comfortable, custom fit you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Clear Retainers

Keep It Straight

Retainers are essential for preserving and stabilizing the results of your orthodontic treatment. That’s why your smile deserves a genuine TekFit™ Clear Retainer. It’s the discreet and comfortable way to make sure your teeth stay where the doctor put them. Because it’s not just a retainer that you’re getting, it’s a smile that you’re protecting.